About Us

We are the company which provides a complete solution for everyone which want to use the power of electricity for fun, work, pleasure and for disabled people with coordination problems.

We are the only one Certified company in Ireland by X-Tron, a manufacturer of high quality electric scooters and electric bikes, thus we can provide great product in best price, and if you will need anything after - we can provide full support to fix all problems.

Everybody can “Feel Freedom with Electric Wind” - this is our motto, and this is what we want to offer.

We are the first company in Ireland which can provide electric scooters for everyone, that is:

  • For kids – small, easy to use and not too fast, since it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially with kids.
  • For work and for pleasure - everybody who wants to use an electric scooter – It’s very popular now and that is why we have different models with different design to fit for everyone
  • For off-road and high speed – That’s for adrenaline lovers. If you need some, and if you would like something bigger, stronger, and to stand out from everyone else– come to us and you can get this as well.

We also offer electric bikes in all sizes:

  • For kids – light, easy to use and not too big or too fast
  • Middle size - If you need a good bike but also you do not have space for storage or want to easily transport the bike in the car booth when you go out.
  • Off road and full-size electric bikes - if you want power and to drive everywhere (such as sand, beach, mountain biking, and so on).

We want to help people make a more ecological choice to keep our planet safe.

We are only selling products which are of good quality with full certification and fully tested.

We are solid and honest - we want to sell a product which will keep you active, but we also want to keep You safe on the road.

Be safe, Be green. With Electric Scooters Ltd.

Feel Freedom with Electric Wind.