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Electric Scooters

Buy The Best Electric Scooter Available In Ireland

Get a wide range of electric scooters in Ireland. Escooter have been one of the the top choice for buying the best electric scooter in Ireland for several years. We will deliver your electric bike to your doorstep after your purchase. Choose the one that fit your taste, preference, size and budget.

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Our Wide-Range Of Electric Scooters In Ireland


Ranging from as low as €200, we have several kinds of single motor electric scooters in Ireland. The main feature of these electric scooters are that these bikes run on a single motor. The motor influences the scooter’s speed and acceleration.


The most prominent feature of the dual motor electric scooter in Ireland is that it will not easily run out of power with the usage of two motors. It’s speed and acceleration is much better than single motor electric scooter.

Off-Road & Highspeed

One of our best electric scooters in Ireland, comes a category of off-road and highspeed scooters. We mostly have high speed electric scooters from Kugoo brand that can give speed upto 70 km/hr.

Kids & Fun

Our speciality is providing electric bike scooters in Ireland for kids. Your kids will be able to ride this scooters without any hassle on any road while staying safe.

Adults & Work

Do you need electric scooters in Ireland for going to work? Avoid the daily commute of public transport by buying our best electric scooter in Ireland.

Travel & Pleasure

Other than work, you can also use our electric bike scooters in Ireland for travelling places around the city.

Make Responsible Decision By Choosing Electric Bike Scooters In Ireland

Choose a responsible way to commute around the city with our eco-friendly electric scooters in Ireland. As these scooters don’t emit harmful gas and toxins, it is a greener option that will help the Earth ultimately.

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